The following documentation is required for a real estate transaction:

  • Passport or ID-document: You must ensure that your lawyer has a copy of your passport or ID to purchase property in Portugal. This is mandatory for every person or company involved in the purchase.

  • Tax number = Número de Contribuinte (NIF): Everyone who purchases real estate in Portugal needs a tax number. This must be requested with the "Finanças" (Tax Authorities). This VAT-number is for example also required for opening a bank account.

The seller must provide the following documents of the property:  

  • Tax / financial registration: This document is issued by the "Finanças" (Tax Authorities) and provides the financial registration of the property as well as the rates and taxes that must be paid to the city council.

  • Cadastral extract: This extract provides insight into who the registered owner of a property is, as well as details of the property such as the built-up area, plot size and others.

  • Housing permit / building permit: A building permit is required for objects built after 1951. This permit is issued by the "Câmara Municipal" (the town hall) and shows that the building was built according to the approved plans and may be used for the purpose of occupation.

  • Specifications: This document is provided by the "Construtor" (developer). This is a fairly new requirement (since 2004) and includes the specifications of the object. This describes the following: suppliers, used materials and all technical data of the construction process.

  • Energy certificate: According the new law, an energy certificate must be present with every transaction of real estate.