Every country has its own kitchen, special dishes and culinary delights.


Enjoy the simplicity and honesty of Portuguese cuisine.

The Portuguese have a different eating pattern than we Belgians: breakfast is a bit of a side issue, lunch is sacred and dinner depends on the day. In the evening, the Portuguese normally sit around the table around eight o'clock. Especially fish lovers will be pleased here, but definitely try the "Petiscos" as well, small appetizers that are delicious. Cod is the most popular and can be processed by the Portuguese in 365 different dishes, also dried cod can be found in every supermarket.

In addition is the piri piri chicken a household name in Portugal, but the cataplanas are a typical dish from the Algarve. This dish is actually served in every restaurant and consists of potatoes, shellfish and various types of bell pepper, all prepared in a copper dish.

As a pastry we recommend the pastel de nata in Portugal, this should certainly not be missing with coffee.


Portugal is a wine country par excellence, which means that today they occupy a unique place in the global wine offering.

Today the more than 29 wine regions offer a fascinating range of wines. Whether it is about fruitiness, ripeness, acids or aging potential: the wines from the Douro, Alentejo, Dao and others regions have everything to become famous. Thanks to the port and the strong trading houses, the Portuguese wines distinguish themselves from the rest of the world.  


Do you want to know something, are you lost? Then someone will soon be there to help you. Also, don't be surprised if you are immediately invited to eat or drink something at someone’s place. No matter how little the Portuguese himself has, people easily share. One is always willing to have a chat and help the other.
In addition, the willingness of the Portuguese to communicate with foreigners is very high and they usually come out with hands and feet and French or English